Your content services will work like magic, but your rates and what to expect will be transparent and clearly laid out from the start. With the Write Content Alchemist, you’ll never have to wonder what you’ll be charged or when you’ll receive project updates and other important documents.

The 10-step process used is detailed here so you know what to expect in advance, but don’t worry about remembering all of it. You’ll always be notified of important dates, documents, and payment information. And you can always contact the Write Content Alchemist any time during this process!

The Write Content Alchemist’s 10-Step Process

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Step 1– Submit a Request for a Free Estimate OR  Place an Order.

Step 2– Receive your estimate within a few business days via Wave OR  receive your order and payment confirmation immediately via PayPal.

Step 3–  Once you approve an estimate and want to place an order, you’ll receive a short form to fill out detailing your content requirements, like what to include or exclude. (This information is already included on all order forms.)

Step 4– Submit any helpful or necessary supplemental materials for your order (i.e. documents or links for material to be edited/proofread, market research, control copy, customer profiles, customer data, etc.).

Step 5– We’ll touch base via phone, Zoom, or in person.

I love using the Internet to conduct business, but I’m not a robot and I know you’re not either. So let’s touch base over the phone or through a video meeting in Zoom for a quick get-to-know-you chat, and to solidify your content requirements before work begins on your order. This can be as quick as fifteen minutes or as long as an hour. If you’re in the Denver metro area, we can even meet for coffee if you prefer.

Step 6 – For orders over $500 —  you’ll receive an electronic contract or statement of work to sign. It will detail the parameters and scope of the project, as well as installment amounts due. An initial deposit we agree upon will be due at this time before work can start.

For orders over $250 and under $500 (non-contract) — 50% of the invoice will be due at this time unless you already paid in full via PayPal before work on your order can begin. For instance, if your order totals $300, then $150 will be due before work can start.

Step 7– Work starts on your order.

For contract work with multiple steps spanning more than 10-15 business days, you’ll automatically receive weekly project status updates. You can always update the frequency of these updates later on if you prefer.

Step 8 – You receive your order via email by the agreed upon due date.

Step 9–  Any necessary edits or rewrites are completed.

Step 10– Your balance is due.

Accepted Forms of Payment: Check, PayPal,  Debit/Credit Cards

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