6 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Copywriter

In a previous post, I highlighted content marketing trends that will likely gain traction this year. One of them (the most important one) is the growing demand for higher quality content.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of B2B marketers surveyed will increase the amount of content their organizations publish in 2017. This means the demand for professional copywriters and content experts will increase too.


*Image from page 27 of Content Marketing Institute Report


Do you want to get more out of your content strategy this year?

If you understand the value behind a solid content marketing strategy, like most other organizations are beginning to realize too, then of course you do. And the best way to get more out of your content strategy is to hire an experienced copywriter.

Hiring an experienced copywriter to assist you with your content strategy will help you get much more for your business or brand— much more than just a higher word count, a full library of posts, or a few extra clicks.

Here are six reasons you should hire a professional copywriter, all highlighting how you can GET MORE . 

1-Get More Time

It might be acceptable to share a hurriedly scrawled post with a few grammatical errors or opinions in it for a personal blog or personal social media account. But when you’re sharing your blog and social media posts for a business or professional page, having a strategy and well-thought-out, polished content that has a consistent message across channels is essential to success. And this takes time to develop and maintain.

If you operate your own business, you want to be able to focus on developing your products or services and perfecting them. You don’t want to have to worry about content calendars, creating relevant posts, and keeping track of it all.

When you hire an experienced copywriter, you’ll be able to do just that—get more time to focus on your work and what you do best.

Even if you enjoy writing posts and have a talent for it, an experienced copywriter can help you thoroughly research your target audience. They’ll help you sharpen your focus on where you should share your content, and what type of content your audience will find most valuable to engage with. Additionally, a copywriter can help you track the performance of your content and adapt your content strategy to new and relevant information that’s uncovered over time (e.g. marketing trends, customer spending trends, competitor trends, etc.).

Don’t struggle with keeping deadlines for content projects or let them fall to the wayside because you think you will get to it when you can.

Hire a copywriter to get more time to focus on creating even more content, developing your products or services, or focusing more on your customers.

2- Get More Content

Experienced copywriters are always perfecting their craft. They stay on top of copywriting trends and are always discovering new ways to add more value to the content they develop for their clients. Because they are always perfecting their craft through research and learning, they have a wealth of resources and information at their disposal to use for all their projects.

They have written a lot of different types of content, whether they specialize in a specific industry or not. And they can easily and quickly write well-thought-out and researched content in a way that has consistently demonstrated tangible results for their clients in the past because they have such a vast knowledge base and multiple resources to work from. The ability to quickly write content leads to there being more time to write more content.

Experienced copywriters also know how to structure content in an efficient way. This allows them to easily break content down into smaller bits, or add to it for a larger piece of content. For instance, if a blog post is properly structured, it can easily be broken down into smaller bits for multiple social media posts. Or a copywriter might decide to expand that same blog post into an e-book or white paper, depending on how the audience engages with the original post and what their feedback was.

Experienced copywriters are familiar with structuring content efficiently, allowing them to create more content in a shorter period of time, without sacrificing its quality and performance.

3- Get More Quality

Because experienced copywriters are always perfecting their craft, they know how to create quality content. They are aware of a variety of different types of content, when to use what type of content, and how to write different types of content in a way that is relevant to a specified target audience or niche.

When you hire an experienced copywriter, you will have completely original content tailored to the needs of your business, prospects and existing customers. Readers can always spot haphazardly, impersonal, or ill-conceived content, and they will ignore it.

If you want original and tailored content, a copywriter will always keep your target audience in mind and will avoid uninspired, dull, kitschy, duplicated, or copied content at absolutely all costs. Most importantly, experienced copywriters will keep in mind that it’s still your content and your brand’s story. The focus they place on your story and audience in their copy will lead to more quality content every time.

You will also be too close to your business or brand if you decide to create your own copy, whether you intend to be or not. At some point, you will get too detailed or impassioned about your business that you might begin to focus on it or the features of a product when writing your copy, instead of focusing on your prospects and what they care about. An experienced copywriter knows that quality content is always about them (your prospects), not you. A copywriter who is on the outside of your everyday business operations can always keep the perspective of your prospect or customer at the forefront.

A lot of people can write, but not everyone can write copy that converts prospects into customers, or casual readers into serious prospects. Copy that converts is quality copy.

4- Get More Leads

In addition to getting more prospects to buy, experienced copywriters know how to use their expertise to generate more leads for their clients. They develop copy that generates more leads by using learned and practiced techniques that keep prospects engaged, and existing customers coming back for more. They know how to engage customers by keeping them entertained or by providing them with valuable information on a consistent basis. They also know how to create content that prospects what to share with others, which leads to even more leads, prospects, and customers.

Additionally, experienced copywriters know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and trends that contribute to the overall performance of a piece of copy or content online. They know how to integrate SEO into a piece of copy without letting the copy lose its appeal or readability.

The content a copywriter produces will help you build traffic and grow an audience, leading to more leads.

5- Get More Data

This item on the list might be more of a secret to some of you.

Experienced copywriters have a wealth of knowledge and customer data because they conduct research for every single piece of copy they write. They scan through data and information relevant to a product or service every single time they write a piece of copy for a client. They do this to understand a certain target audience or niche fully so they can write something that will connect with the readers and empower them to act.

When you hire a copywriter, they will be able to provide you with a wealth of information about your prospects and customers that you may not already know.

And since all effective copy has a call-to-action in it that can be measured (i.e. how many people subscribe or buy a new product), you will be able to gather even more detailed and accurate data about your customers and what they respond to in a piece of copy. Using this real-time data about your customers will help you effectively build and evolve your overall content strategy, as well as better understand what your customers need and want from you.

6- Get More Conversions

This may be last on the list, but is essentially what all businesses need and want. And hiring an experienced copywriter will get you more conversions.

Writing effective copy that performs is a skill that is mastered over time and with practice. Experienced copywriters have done their homework and have learned what works and what doesn’t. They are skilled at not only honing in on prospects’ needs and wants, but empowering prospects to act on those needs and wants. They know how to get prospects hooked and interested in a simple, non-intimidating, conversational, and entertaining way.

If prospects feel as if you “get them” when they’re reading a piece of copy, they will feel empowered to complete a call-to-action, such as buying a product or signing up for a promotional offer.

Prospects convert into customers because of effective copy.


2017 is the year to publish more content so that you can stay ahead of competitors and provide your audience with what they want. In addition to simply sharing more content, it’s also time to get more…

Get more time, more quality content, more leads, more data, and more conversions for your business by hiring an experienced copywriter today.  

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