Infographic: Types of Content You Should Be Creating and Sharing

Did you know that every minute there are around one and a half million posts shared or liked on Facebook? And did you know that each day there are over two million blog posts published across the web? Or that there are billions of websites out there? That’s right, millions and billions. That’s a lot of content that yours will need to compete with.

Instead of intimidating you, those numbers should make you feel empowered. Why? Because content comes in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Content doesn’t simply consist of blog posts and emails anymore. With advances in technology and software, you now have the ability to get creative so you can really bring your content to life and connect with your audience, zeroing in on what they want to consume.

There are many types of content that can be created. But how will you know where to start and what’s best for your particular message or audience? While following content and social media trends can be a good thing sometimes, don’t let them get in the way of creating and sharing content that’s both engaging and valuable to your specific audience. Look at the infographic below and you’ll see some of the more popular types of content that have proved valuable time and again, and why you will want to consider them.

types of content_infographic


Regardless of the industry you’re in, sharing original quality content is essential to shaping your online identity and keeping your readers engaged.

Keep this infographic nearby in case you need to get inspired to create something new.

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