Simple Things You Can Do to Optimize Your Content for Search Engines

Writing content that’s optimized for search engines is essential in 2017. It’s also not that difficult to do either, if you know where to start. This post is going to state, in an uncomplicated way, what you need to do to optimize your content. You won’t see a bunch of confusing acronyms or industry jargon here. Here are some simple things you can do today to optimize your content for search engines in 2017.

Free and Easy Ways to Automate Your Content Creation

Whether you’re creating content for a small e-commerce site or a large enterprise, you’ll want to learn some easy ways to automate your content creation process. Once you automate your content creation process, you’ll have more time to create valuable content your audience will enjoy, without going broke or sacrificing your sleep.

Grammar Rules You Can and Should Break in Your Marketing Copy

While you should strive to be grammatically correct most of the time, there are times when it might not be beneficial to your marketing copy at all. This is especially the case if you’re trying to connect with and persuade an audience. Here are some of the rules you can and should break in your marketing copy.

6 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Copywriter

Do you want to get more out of your content strategy this year? If you understand the value behind a solid content marketing strategy, like most other organizations are beginning to realize too, then of course you do. And the best way to get more out of your content strategy is to hire an experienced copywriter. Here are six reasons you should hire a professional copywriter.

6 Free Tools Content Creators Should Use to Get Organized

There is a ton of software available to help content experts stay organized, and some of them are quite excellent. However, they aren’t all free or are only free during a trial period. Here are some of the best completely FREE software and apps I’ve encountered for staying organized throughout the entire content creation process… so far.