Need some help with the business writing projects on your plate at the moment?

Do you excel at gathering data and arranging spreadsheets, but aren’t sure how to create quality crafted reports, proposals, and presentations for your stakeholder meetings? Reports and proposals that are both informative and entertaining?

Make sure your business maintains a professional and fresh image in the eyes of your stakeholders with professional business writing services. Pricing is included up front. Never any hidden fees or surprises!

Did you know that poor writing skills are costing businesses billions of dollars every year… nearly $400 billion?!


The hard truth is that poor writing skills waste everyone’s time in business, time that could be spent being more productive… or maybe even taking a vacation.

Think about this for a moment. You start your day skimming first-draft emails from colleagues who never make a clear point. You read reports that aren’t organized well, and don’t clarify what’s happening or what management should do about it. Websites, marketing materials, and presentations from your suppliers and stakeholders are filled with jargon and meaningless corporate speak you only partially understand.

After awhile, poor business writing takes its toll on all of us.

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With a professional business writer’s skills, you will be valued (possibly adored) because you won’t be wasting anyone’s time. And time is money. That might be a cliche, but it’s true!

There are many ways you can benefit from hiring a professional business writer for your business communications and projects.

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Here are just a few benefits you’ll get when you hire a professional business writer (in addition to those mentioned above):

  • You’ll have more time to focus on other work you’d rather be doing.
  • Professional business writers do their homework and learn the ins and outs of your business as if it were their own. With this knowledge and research, it’s easy for them to write a variety of things that pertain to your business moving forward.
  • You won’t have to worry about making spelling and grammar mistakes on important documents because you are busy with a lot of tasks on your plate.
  • A good business writer knows how to persuade an audience.
  •  You might be too close to your business or department and what it does to write about its operations or products in a way that your target audience will find useful and appealing. An outsider’s perspective will keep your messages relevant and not boring.

Here are business writing services the Write Content Alchemist offers to help you save time and money. 

Business or Sales Email

$152  Per Page

Business Plan 

$176  Per Page

Business Report 

$74  Per Page

Manual or How-To Booklet

$76  Per Page

Newsletter or E-Zine

$176  Per Page


$52  Per Slide

White Paper

$75  Per Page

 (The above pricing is based on current mid-range market rates)

All Business Writing Orders Include 

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Brainstorming Session
  • Weekly Meetings (for orders taking longer than 3 weeks)
  • Customized Content
  • Your Branding
  • 2 Rounds of Edits
  • Up to 2 Rewrites
  • Installment Options for Payment

If you’re interested in installment options or want to outline your business project ahead of time,  schedule a meeting on the Write Content Alchemist’s real-time calendar in less than five minutes.

You can also review the 10-Step Process to gold content for more details and what to expect.

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